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Outside of one's own, 2020

Art has become defined, by boundaries and rules, the one that is supposed to break through and challenge reality, has become “sterile”. What is personal sterility in the public space? Do its attempts at production disconnect us more from the space or actually express our longing for old intimacy? By creating an alternative outdoor studio, built out of a thick transparent plastic sheet that references wartime, and compared to flora known for being domestic, a system of power relations is created with what is happening around us and activates us within it. 

The studio is mobile, traveling around the country, in areas defined according to the amount of traveling allowed on that day and depending on the place of residence of the persons photographed. The people photographed draw a social map, among which you can find artists, activists, people of different religions, conflicting ideologies, and diverse identity definitions.


Photography demands to be present even in the reality in which it is an outcast, in which it becomes a documentary tool that

reveals and acts for justice. In this project, photography becomes a platform that allows to perform a human, private space that

strives to unite and create a breathing space between the chaos.


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