Outside of one's own, Digital photography, 2020

I didn't leave the house for two whole months.
I couldn't work and mostly was filled with mixed emotions,
felt like I had no air, no idea what's allowed, 

what's not, where to draw the line, if there are any at all.

As a photographer whose field of work is based on sampling my environment and bringing it to my studio,

I was locked. The reality was absolutely the opposite, the disconnection was and is - paralyzing.

The fast changes finally made me react, my studio transformed its shape and was touring with me all over the country.
My aspiration was to create an alternative sterile area, a personal space, according to the limitations that each photoshoot brought.

I find it fascinating to wonder about intimacy in photography while wearing these masks.
It's a layer of protection that is supposed to keep you distant and safe, however, in real-time,
it functions as a connection point between

the participants and me.  Their eyes made me feel closer to them and to create, even just for a short time, an essence, together.


© 2020 Shiri Rozenberg